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[INSTA STOP] SBS MTV The Show - Bangtan being Bangtan

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jungkook and taehyung practicing shinhwa’s ‘this love’

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favourite photoshoot for skychr

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I’m not the type of person who will hide my thoughts to begin with. But when I say something, the people around me will say, ‘you shouldn’t do that, you should do this instead’. Often, I will feel annoyed and confused. This is my own opinion, I want to be honest about it.

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Rather than becoming the best, I want to become a singer with meaning.

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kpop’s most visually stunning music videos: michelle lee’s “without you

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k-idol fashion (  )

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"I am a very confident and honest woman. There is a huge discrepancy between my onstage and offstage persona. I like to be provocative and enthralling when I’m on stage. But because that "sexy HyunA" image is so embedded that most people think that I would be like that offstage, which isn’t true. I consider myself a visual performer." - Kim Hyuna

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Sungyeol’s reasons for why he should be able to raise his own monkey

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Q: What was the stupidest question you’ve ever heard?

“Which fan was your favourite?” and “Which fan was the most impressive?” Every fan is so precious to me so how can I say who I like more and who I like less? I said this before but I work with the responsibilities I feel for my fans. Those responsibilities motivate me.

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